Category: bricolage

  • The Co-Design of Business & IT Systems

    Business analysts, change managers, and IT systems analysts are in a no-win situation. They are expected to understand myriad interpretations of the business strategy, reconcile conflicting viewpoints on how business processes work, and – somehow – define a coherent set of change objectives that pleases everyone. While the stakeholders of change each understand only a…

  • Designing Social Media Platforms For Online Learning

    Recently, I have been using a new social media platform to run one of my classes. The idea was, that as we are studying social informatics, we could study the effect of using social media on our own workflows first hand. I also thought that – in these days of daily Facebook and Twitter use…

  • Design as Bricolage.

    The core problem of design is to use a problem-representation that can allow people to communicate the structures in their “mental jigsaw picture” to others.